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Arc Design Services

Arc Design Services (ADS) is an employee-owned, multidisciplinary, professional steel detailing firm that delivers a comprehensive array of technical and strategic services, including consulting, connection design engineering, processes development, project and construction management. Since 2012 Arc Design Services (ADS) has combined connection design engineering and detailing services into one unified team providing our customer with a value-added solution for peace of mind and project efficiency. This formula has led to our success in becoming an industry leader. While we work for governments and commercial customers, our projects have helped grow local economies and improve the quality of life for communities and people around the world. Time and again our work has demonstrated that the only limits on human achievement are those that we place on ourselves.

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Steel erection & fabrication Drawing
Supporting files: NC1, EJE, DXF, KSS, XML
3D model for BIM
Quick turnaround

Tekla Structures - Trimble
(3D Modeling)
Auto CAD LT - Auto Desk (2D Steel Detailing)
Sample Design